Beta Testers – Win a free PREMIUM VIP Membership

Here’s how to find out how you can win a prize that will give you a free Premium VIP membership.

How to win an Entrepreneurs Unite Premium membership:

Community forums need active members, and this new membership will only be a success with your help and the help of other active beta testers (noone wants to join an inactive community), so we’ve come up with an incentive to motivate you to start taking action and get the community kick-started ready for launch.

We have a special reward of a FREE PREMIUM VIP membership for the first 15 Beta testers that complete the following tasks!

Exact Steps to be Rewarded:

We will evaluate what you have done, and reward the first 15 beta testers with a Premium “VIP” membership.

Premium Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to all Podcast Extra’s  (Action checklists/downloads)
  • Forum Access to Like-Minded Entrepreneurs to find Accountability Partners, Groups as well as Book & Course summaries
  • Ability to create your own Accountability/Interest/Meetup groups for private discussions, JV-planning, events, etc.
  • Your own Blog to use to track your progress & allow others to follow your journey
  • Access to other Members, private messages & automatic matching with people with similar goals/location/interests, etc.
  • Access to basic Fast-Track challenges & case-studies as they are created
  • One-Click button to access email address of a member you want to JV with or contact off-site
  • Access to premium Fast-Track challenges & case-studies as they are created
  • Ability to post your own Classifieds to promote your business/services/products
  • Ability to post to the Resources section including your affiliate link (optional)
  • All Premium features as they are released (there are some expensive features coming after there are paying members)

Have you filled out all the necessary steps to become a VIP Member? Claim your reward:

Premium VIP Membership Claim Form

Complete all the steps below and then click on "Reward me" to claim your free Premium VIP Membership.

(Note: All steps must be completed to claim your free VIP Premium Membership)

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