Penny’s Questionnaire Answers

As promised, here are the answers to my Questionnaire:

About You: 

Name: Penny Butler
Age: 36

Things I enjoy: 

  • Bourne, Just Like Heaven, Avatar, The Matrix, Men in Black, In Time, LOTR
  • Once Upon a Time, Medium, Stargate SG-1, Big Bang Theory
  • Anything “Funky”
  • Beyoncé
  • Bruno Mars
  • Guy Sebastian
How I spend my time or wish I could spend my time:
  • Travel
  • Trying new foods from different cultures
  • Walking with my Mp3 player
  • Talking with my nephews (4yo & 2 yo)
  • Creating new websites
  • Learning acoustic guitar / singing
  • Learning languages
  • Collecting WSO’s

Living & Travel:

Lives: Currently live in Melbourne, Australia and want/planning to live in “Bali or better”, South-East Asia
Been: Eastern Australia (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania) and Bali, Indonesia
Want to go:
  • China, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong,
  • Thailand, Indonesia,
  • Maldives,
  • Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan,
  • India, Nepal, Sri Lanka,
  • Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam,
  • Cairns, Darwin, Perth,
  • Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, Haiti,
  • Puerto Rico, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico,
  • Turkey, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
  • Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Qatar,
  • Africa,
  • Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, & more! :)
WHEN or what is stopping you?
  • Bali “or better” = just got back but am planning with my partner “how” we can both live there or if we can find a country where we can both want to live & work.
  • Stopping me from adding a date: My partner has his PhD in Computer Forensics/IT and so Asia is not exactly the place where he will make what he’s worth but he’s coming over to the idea that it’s a nice place to write a book ;) But otherwise, we might have to live somewhere else first, and so one of the countries above may be where we end up before South-East Asia.

Current Situation: 

Current Situation: I’m currently an internet marketer for offline clients (meaning I create websites, do SEO, setup campaigns, setup social media channels, Google Places and directory marketing, email marketing and so on for businesses in Canada and Australia).I’m not happy with it. But it took me a long time to realize that although I love internet marketing, I don’t like the process of doing it for offline businesses – I don’t like sales, I don’t like changing websites after I’m happy with them, I never charge enough for the amount of work I do – basically, I love attracting the customer but not the process from then on :)So partly the reason for creating Entrepreneurs Unite was to help me transition back to what I love doing.I want to convert my business to be 100% online and portable – live from anywhere, travel the world, and I plan on doing that through training people in what I’m good at, creating membership sites, info-products, affiliate marketing, webinars, etc.”Work hard now” and get paid a “passive income” later is where I wish to move back into. Since I’m a big fan of automation marketing, I’m documenting the journey for others to be able to do the same thing if that’s what they wish to do.
Ever started a business? How did it go? I’ve started many different internet businesses and offline businesses to do with the internet but I’ve also had a business with my partner, where we helped students from the Middle East apply to study their PhD in Australia. It didn’t go well because of our other interests, my partner was studying his PhD at the time and I was also running my offline marketing business and we treated it more like a “part-time’ thing and basically built it up and sold it.
What was the PUSH that made you start this journey to entrepreneur? I’ve always wanted to work for myself, for as long as I can remember I’ve been driven to “become a millionaire” and travel the world and help my family/friends, save the planet – you know… the big dreams.For years I’ve been doing the internet marketing thing as a “hobby”, outside of my day job, I’d be up all hours of the night learning html, computers and the internet.Then I gave up my hospitality job and started working for a computer companies, then internet companies, then I.T. helpdesks and so on.The PUSH that made me start this journey came full-time came about when I worked for a medical encryption company 3 years ago. I got a call from a Canadian internet marketing company who had came across my blog and wanted me to create and implement a blueprint for their multi-million dollar clients social media campaigns.In a nutshell, they offered me exactly what I was being paid in my day job to quit and work for them full-time as a consultant.
Have you talked to your partner about your goals? I talk to my partner about my goals but I get the “deer in headlights” look a lot and little understanding about what it is I do. We argue a lot about my online dream.

Online Business Experience: 

How do you earn money online? The majority of my income is generated from offline clients who hire me to setup their websites/socialmedia/seo etc, I also get affiliate payments from a couple of popular posts on my personal blog at, and get payments from some of the PLR courses that I sell.
What style of business has worked best for you? It’s an even 50/50 split between people finding my websites online (SEO/Social Media) and people who have referred others to me at networking events (seminars, Local meetups, etc.)
How many websites/do they make money? I have 70 different websites, which vary on topic and monetization, but the income generated from them are nothing to write home about since I haven’t worked on them for between 4 & 8 years.The website’s that derive the most of my income are:

My newer sites are:

And there are several new membership sites in the making once I have completed the entire series on EntrepreneursUnite which is my main focus and passion.


What do you currently outsource and who do you use? I’m a “DIY”er that has been outsourcing for years but still never been happy with the quality that I’ve received.Once I’ve created step-by-step documentation for all the offline tasks I do for my clients, I’ll create another membership site to help people train their outsourcers.Mainly, I outsource directory submissions & citations, advanced graphic work that I can’t do myself, and audio, but I’d love to trust others a lot more to do some of the other tasks that take up my time – again, once I have my “systems”, that will be easier.I’ve used just about every outsource company that you can name, and even had my own outsource company for a while ( and sorry to say that I can’t yet recommend any of them – they all drop in quality very quickly which is why we have let that business go.
What “would” you outsource if you could find a team capable of doing it within your budget?
  • Google Places
  • Websites
  • Advanced Directory Marketing
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Google Adwords campaigns
  • Social Media setup
  • Article Writing
  • Course Creation
What would you outsource at home if you could?
  • Cleaning
  • Meals
  • Gardening

Time Management & Barriers/Challenges: 

Staying Focused on your Goals – My Strategies:
  1. Making my paper “diary” smaller (pocket-sized) and only putting 4 things on each day. 2 things for “me” and 2 for “clients”. I choose what 4 things go on the list before I sleep.
  2. I do the “2” things towards “my” goals before 11am daily – before starting on client work so that at least daily I’m working on my future and that I wake up excited because the first thing I get to work on is towards my own goals.
  3. I put the rest of my “Todo” tasks in my Oprius calendar, when I’ve finished the 2 “client” things that I have allocated for that day, I can go through the online calendar and choose other things that I need to complete, but I have to at least complete those 2 things.

This stops me from getting too overwhelmed and also ensures that I focus on the 2 most important things to get completed.

What are your biggest challenges or hurdles you are faced with that stop or slow you down from achieving your goals?
  1. Living with my nephews right now (2 & 4) makes it difficult to do podcasting – the house just never seems quiet enough to record, it’s the one thing that is preventing me from recording my podcast.
  2. The shared-internet here is excruciatingly slow, I’m used to having my own house and fast internet and now we have about 5 computers accessing the internet at the same time. This is the price I’m paying for my dream of moving to Bali, I’m “down-sizing” my belongings to be able to start living my dream of travelling.
  3. Lack of funds – slowly finishing up the rest of my clients so that I can focus 100% on my online business, but by doing that and by not taking on any new clients, the income is very bare. Another price that I’m willing to pay for the ultimate goal down the track.
Typical Day:
  • Wake up around 9am, and turn my inside computer on, then go outside and turn my outside laptops on with my first coffee for the day.
  • I sit on the outside computer drinking coffee’s for 1-2 hours and work on my own websites.
  • Then I go inside, open up my email to download, and load up some Podcasts on my Mp3 player and go for a long walk.
  • When I get back from my walk, I shower and get ready for the “real work day”
  • Mon-Wed-Fri’s I’ll start by checking and responding to emails.
  • Then I’ll start on my client’s site’s.
  • Once I’ve done the “2” most important things, I will either go back to my membership site, check emails, browse the internet, or go through the other “todo” tasks from my normal calendar – depending on the day and how I’m feeling.
What skills do you feel you are really good at?
  • WordPress
  • Blueprinting, Roadmaps, Mindmapping
  • Systemizing – creating “systems”
  • Shortcut & Automation Marketing
  • Troubleshooting – figuring things out
What skills do you feel you are NOT so good at?
  • Selling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax
  • Coding/Programming
  • Advanced Graphics
  • Public Speaking

Rapid Action Challenges: 

Which Rapid Action Challenges are you most interested in?
  • Finding your Life Purpose
  • Plan & Create a Sales Funnel
  • Creating a Membership Site
  • Creating an automatic webinar
  • Setting up your own Podcast (Radio) show
Preferred Learning Style
  •  Step-by-Step PDF