Optional Member’s Questionnaire


I care about every single member within the Entrepreneurs Unite community and want to make sure that this community is the most useful place for you to achieve your goals.


This private member’s questionnaire helps me get to know you better and find out which area’s I need to work on to help you get faster results.


After you have filled out the¬†questionnaire, I will email you my answers to the same questions (it’s only fair) so you can get to know me better as well.

Only your first name and email address are “required” fields so if you get stuck, you can skip any question. However the more details you provide, the better understanding I will have and the better understanding you will have of yourself. (These questions are also designed to get your own insight into your life and why things are the way they are).


Your questionnaire answers are emailed directly to me (and a copy sent to you) and will not be published anywhere.

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