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Welcome to Entrepreneurs Unite!

The first step is to create your Membership Profile over at the Community site – the community is currently in “Invitation-Only” mode and only available to Beta-Testers, so we have sent you a special link via email to get access.

Once you have confirmed your email with Aweber, it will automatically send you the email with the invitation link. (If you haven’t received the emails, please check your “Spam” folder as Gmail has been picking it up as spam because of the word “entrepreneur” and “signup” this week, so there may be other mail filters that are picking it up as spam also).

So right now you should have 3 emails:

  1. The login details for “” – Subject: “Here is Your Free Login Information.”
    This is the email that gives you access to this site, for Podcast extra’s, challenges, and the Membership Dashboard area.
    Free MemberMember's Dashboard
  2. The Aweber verification email – Subject: “Confirm your subscription”
    This is the email that Aweber requires to make sure that you are actually “wanting” the emails that we send you and not spamming. It’s important that you click on the “Confirm” link to receive any further emails.
    Confirm your Subscription
  3. And then after you have confirmed the above, you will automatically have received the 3rd email – Subject: “Welcome to Entrepreneurs Unite!”
    This is the email with the special “invitation” link to allow you to signup for the community.
    WelcomeEntrepreneurs Unite Community

Click the link and then Join the community! We can’t wait to meet you!



=> Finding like-minded entrepreneurs with ease and see “at a glance” which members have similar goals and hobbies that you do

=> Easily connecting with people who can help you with the things you are “not so good at” or to partner with on projects or achieving goals.

=> Forming your own Interest or Accountability Groups with those with the same plans as you so that you can work together on any challenges and inspire and motivate each other to succeed faster.

=> Automatic notification of members who have 100% compatibility with the projects and goals you are working on.

=> Creating events and meetups with people in your local area so that you can find entrepreneurs who live near you.

=> Reading personal progress blogs and stories as Entrepreneurs go through their challenges and successes.

=> Reaching out to other members via Instant Messenging

=> Saving time by reading other people’s book, course & seminar/webinar summaries.

=> Podcasts, and much more.