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Designing a business around your desired lifestyle – Upcoming Podcasts

(Draft Schedule)

  • Change your Core Message, Change your Life
  • How to get our Dreams by Building a Business around it
  • Bucket List Information Business – 7 Day Challenge
  • Work with Greater Focus & Get More (of the Important things) Done
  • 30 Day Challenge – Your First Information Product
  • Living a Meaningful Life
  • Addicted to Self-Sabotage / Failure & How to Turn it around
  • Do Today, what will Feel Good tomorrow
  • Automate your Marketing – How to Achieve more Reach with Less Effort
  • Community Q&A – Member Spotlight
  • Tim Ferris – the law of “Get off your Ass” (Action Drives Revenue)

Dream House
Turn your life around. If you’re unhappy, don’t just give-up, design a new life.

The Entrepreneurs Unite podcast show talks about the Entrepreneurs passion to find strategies for improved quality of life by designing a business around our passions, to “Automate and Systematize” to get more done and have more time to spend on the things we want to do.

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