Entrepreneurs Unite Challenge

If you think you need a Mentor or an Accountability Group… you do.

Want some help achieving your goals this year?  Want to TURN your Life around?

Here, you will find people working on the same stuff you are, so you can get motivated to take ACTION to make it happen for you too.

A System to Design a Business around your Passions

Do you want to help build someone ELSE’s empire, or do you want to build your OWN? 

Do you know, in the deepest part of your very core, that you are meant for something better…

  • If your family & friends don’t understand you and think that you are “lost”, “wasting time”, “crazy” or doing everything “wrong”…
  • If you are willing to do “whatever it takes” in order to pursue a better life…
  • If you like to challenge yourself…
  • If you get more motivated around others who are working on similar goals..
  • If you would rather fail at your own thing than succeed at someone else’s…
  • If you know you could lose everything but are still willing to risk it all for a fulfilling life…
  • You are in the right place

Imagine what you could do for your life – if you actually had people that “get” you and want to help you achieve your dreams?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.- Jim Rohn


Who are the people you spend the most time with? Do they lift you up or drag you down? Are they a supportive, positive influence? Do they see things the same way you do? Do they desire a better life, do they have drive, do they strive for success, do they go after their dreams? Are they encouraging and helpful with your ideas?

The people that you surround yourself with on a day-to-day basis can either bring you down or lift you up and inspire possibility. Many entrepreneurs who never get off the ground are surrounded by dream-stealers, or rather, the people who think they know what’s “best for you” and can actually hold you back whether consciously or not, from achieving your goals.

If your five closest friends & associates don’t believe it’s possible to make upwards of $50,000/month or even $5,000/month online, their beliefs will be slowly chipping away at your own mindset and beliefs. In other words, if your five closest friends & associates were making $150k online per month – do you think there would be a shift in your mindset about what is possible for yourself?

Finding like-minded people is easy but getting them away from the public forums so you can pick their brains in private is intimidating and difficult. This community solves that. You list the goals you want to achieve and those with the same goals will join you to help you on your journey – and at the same time, receive help themselves. It might not be help that you need – you might just get that extra motivation from having like-minds to “hang out” with while you are working towards your goals. People who “get” you, who understand why you are working online, and what you are aiming for. Brainstorming $50k/mo ideas with others – two heads are always better than one, and having a group of people with fire in their bellies with loads of experience, working on the same goals – makes it so much easier to get your goals achieved faster. Let alone the JV opportunities and ability to cross-promote each others projects.

 Don’t let other people’s fears stop you from having a life that you want.

Digital Entrepreneurs from everywhere are invited to connect with like-minded professionals, share your knowledge, discuss your obstacles, brainstorm and give ‘life’ to your new ideas, network, form alliances,develop business & lifestyle goals, and follow your dreams.

  1. Design a business to fund your DESIRED lifestyle.
  2. End self-sabotage & give rebirth to motivation & Action.
  3. Peer Accountability from like-minded entrepreneurs
  4. Fine-Tune your Business ideas and Accelerate your Success
  5. Fast-Track Challenges to get you to take Rapid Action.
  6. Finally get that book/podcast/webinar/teleseminar/website/autoresponder finished!

Imagine an environment where your big dreams and visions are listened to – a community of entrepreneurs who strive for success, go after their goals, and wish nothing more than to help you achieve greatness. Imagine learning rapid-action strategies to help grow your business online, and a place to come to discuss challenges, fill up on positive influences, brainstorm solutions and develop great business ideas.

Community Sneak Peak:

Group Support

forumpostsAn affordable alternative to one-on-one or expensive group coaching. By networking with like-minded entrepreneurs who are all pursuing similar goals, we will come across the same types of challenges and hurdles throughout our journey.

When you get stuck, someone else may of already conquered that challenge and vice versa.

Help others with challenges that you have resolved, and get help and support from others who have already found resolutions to your challenges.

Public Accountability

Entrepreneurs who work on their own in isolation are accountable to no-one and can struggle to take pro-active steps towards their goals, wasting time ‘surfing the net’, ‘answering emails’, or ‘daydreaming’, or being “too busy being busy”.


Have you ever seen those sites where bloggers post up their income earnings each month, or personal journals of people on a challenge to lose weight or become debt free? Letting the world know of their challenges and successes? Do you think that they are more motivated to do better each month knowing that others are viewing their progress? Of course they are.

They are publicly accountable for their actions and their “biggest fans” will see their successes and failures. They also have the added benefit of closely-monitoring their own situation so they know exactly what is actually working for them, and can make a faster decision to shelf a particular project that is just wasting time and not providing results.

Our community has several ways for you to be publicly accountable for your goals. We have a members forum, public & hidden accountability & interest groups, private & public blogs where you can keep track of your progress/journey, and more. Set your goals, take action, and monitor & report on what is/isn’t working.

Every week you will create an accountability journal answering questions relating to whatever you want to track, such as:

  • What did I accomplish this week?
  • What distractions did I have? How can I avoid them in future?
  • What am I working on now?
  • When will that be complete?
  • What do I need? Who do I need to contact this week?
  • What is holding me back? What do I need help with?

You can choose to let other members see your accountability journal or keep it “invisible” but by sharing it with others, they will know what you are working on and can help motivate or inspire you – or give you help on the things you are stuck on.


Site-Wide Challenges

challengesWe also have a section to create or join challenges. They might be 3 day challenges, or 30 day challenges and related to various things that you might be interested in – such as health (drink 8 glasses of water a day, 3 day juice fast, 15 min walk, etc) to digital product creation (wordpress, podcasting, webinars, teleseminars, ebook creation, kindle publishing, niche site creation, etc).

Anyone can create a challenge and you can have a choice of:

1.) Allowing any member to join your challenge
2.) Allowing just ‘friends’ to join your challenge
3.) Private challenge that only you can see

The community is so flexible and created to help you succeed!

Finally want to get that book written? Create a challenge – set yourself an end date – create the tasks that you need to do and when you need them done. It’s that simple.

Not sure what to work on? See other people’s challenges and join them.

Every challenge has it’s own private member forum, so you can discuss that challenge exclusively with others who are working on the exact same thing.


Classifieds & Events

Whether you are looking to travel or find some shared office space, or to meetup with local’s or online hangouts to mastermind with, the community has areas to help those messages stand out.




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