Rapid Action Challenges

Rapid-Action Challenges

Take your knowledge and turn it into a digital product. That’s our goal.

If you’ve always wanted to create your own information products but keep getting stuck then this is the community for you.

Very quickly you will be able to select your niche, create your product and bring it to market.

The missing piece of the puzzle: Which one is you?

Lack of Knowledge You don’t know what steps to take (or you get caught up on one step or try to skip something completely because you don’t know how to do it) or Lack of Right Action (you know ‘what’ to do but spend your time trying to make everything perfect so you never release the product because are too busy dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s) or Overwhelmed (you have been researching so long, that you have information-overload and have too many things you want to do and get overwhelmed so you do nothing) Procrastination (you aren’t accountable to anyone so you dabble in different things, moving from one idea to the next, but never really complete anything)

So… How would you like to have your first product completed and ready to sell within the next 21 days?

What kind of product?

You’ll be creating a valuable information product in your chosen passion: (21 days)

  1. An Informational Webinar (to sell)
  2. A How-to Video Series
  3. An Audio Series
  4. or a How-to eBook, PDF Guide or Kindle

During the 21-day product creation process you will also:

  1. Become a recognized voice in your niche
  2. Create your website (Sales-based, Blog-based, or Membership-based)
  3. Create your sales copy
  4. Create your sales funnel
  5. Blueprint & execute your marketing strategy

And after you have produced your product, you will: (ongoing)

  1. Drive customers to your site
  2. Make money
  3. Replicate the Process by creating additional products at will

If you are TIRED OF LEARNING and want to ACTUALLY PRODUCE SOMETHING, this community was designed with you in mind.

Create a challenge and take RAPID action to accomplish it. Start becoming accountable for the things you want to accomplish – with the help of others who will do the challenges with you.

There is a real need among busy entrepreneurs for Result-Orientated, Fast-Start – Fast FINISH “action-based” training & for holding ourselves accountable.. See your goals take fruition, start gaining a massive audience, leverage your success, and gain momentum.

Fast-Track Results

RAPID ACTION challenges are designed to help you get all the major “One Day’s” up and going FAST. Learn the quickest ways to get these up and running with short, action-orientated tasks and lessons where you can see exactly how to do it. 

If there is no existing challenge for what you want to achieve, creating a challenge helps you plan the tasks you need to do daily to achieve it. With each challenge having it’s own private forum – you can collaborate with others and work out the best way to achieve your goals.

Change “One Day” into “Right Now”